Born and brought up in India & educated in Russia (Moscow State University, Physics and Mathematics at Faculty of Physics); he has worked in Europe, Russia and India in parity through last 25 years.

An inventor-technopreneur, he has many IPR to his credit mainly in physical sciences.

A thinker, he has authored numerous Books, scientific papers & articles (<100). With major works in the area of material science and in recent years on the philosophy of mind, awareness and consciousness. Latter has culminated into a major authored work titled, ‘Awareness & Consciousness – Discovery, Distinction & Evolution. The New Upanishad’ (details are available in the menu ‘Books‘)

Widely traveled, Deepak Loomba has lived, worked & executed and managed businesses in many countries across Europe, America & Asia.

A polyglot, he possesses a Native-level linguistic skills in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Russian; conversational-level in Urdu & beginner’s-level in German.

He is a Director at Delhi College of Technology & Management.

Deepak Loomba is founder promoter of De Core Nanosemiconductors Ltd., Gandhinagar, Gujarat, which is India’s first compound semiconductor plant in manufacturing Gallium Nitride devices.

He is founder of C2SBook, world’s only global grievance redressal & legal process automation platform that uses AI & Blockchain technology. C2SBook has been recognized as one of the ten most prospective legaltech companies in the world at Sleetmakers (Slush 2018 in Helsinki, Finland). He is Director on the Board of AO IRICO Moscow, Russia, an Investment Company & AICORPS EPL a Company working in the area of Information Technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence, Block-chain and MDSM (Multi-dimensional Dependency Structure Matrix) technology developed by Deepak Loomba (Transformating). There are a number of technology-business initiatives undertaken by Deepak Loomba as an executor as well as mentor-guide. To know more about them, see Missions.

Deepak has also been an advisor to Haq, a social NGO working in the fight against child abuse & advocating child rights.

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Deepak Loomba is an occassional blogger and writes only when he has something noteworthy to share. He has written poems in Punjabi, Hindi and English. Philosophy and Technology remain the most interesting topics dwelled into him in his provocatively titled blog Chinggary [spark].
We propose you to visit the aforementioned blog for numerous articles and poems that are compiled into the blog.