Scientific Presentation @Tuscon, US

Delighted to share:I will be making a presentation at the best consciousness conference – ‘Consciousness Rebooted’ at Centre for Consciousness Studies of University of Arizona at Tuscon, US in Sept. 2020. Check for the presentation closer to the dates, if the topic interests you. My presentation is on ‘Discovery & distinction of Awareness, Consciousness and … Read moreScientific Presentation @Tuscon, US

Increasing gap in semiconductor industry

View Post It is no secret that notwithstanding major spending, which by some claims is more than 50 billion USD, mainland China is still far from catching up with Taiwan and US duo together. The marginal technological complexity in further increasing the density of transistors on a semiconductor chip, is far from the grasp of China, … Read moreIncreasing gap in semiconductor industry

Hardening LAC

Last two months of border (it is called Line of actual control) standoff and hand-to-hand combat has led to lots of purposeful (through application of mind) & auto-generated (emotional) reactions & theories on plausible causes for China’s actions – that of changing status quo on Sino-Indian line of actual control, especially in the Ladakh sector.Hundreds … Read moreHardening LAC

Why Indians aspire to be strategists, thinkers and CEOs?

It is all linked to cast system. For millenia work is graded.Top level is sitting, thinking, reading. Apparently all aspire to be a brahmin. 2nd grade is governance & defence…Who doesn’t want to clear UPSC & rule or clear NDA & be a General. 3rd grade is of public interaction – marketing, informing, trading… “Chahe … Read moreWhy Indians aspire to be strategists, thinkers and CEOs?

Expanding Universe and Gravitational Decay

The problem in inflationary universe theory with a decaying and subsequently ending of inflation is that it contradicts big-bang itself. On the contrary, the increasing pace of expanding universe as has been observed seems more logical. If big bang was the start, then in such case, even if transitory, it had to have an equilibrium or … Read moreExpanding Universe and Gravitational Decay

The New Money and the New World

Launch of DigiYuan and its repercussions on the world#COVID-19 has eclipsed another momentous event – China launched its crypto-currency this week. An official crypto-fiat built around block-chain is very different from cash or electronic money that exists today in mobile wallets and bank accounts. Through this article we first understand the disparity between existing electronic … Read moreThe New Money and the New World

Third approach to earth’s approximate one year precession cycle

By laws of relativity earth revolves around sun owing to the bending of space by sun’s mass, leading to a curved path that earth traverses around sun. There is still another approach to the problem. While earth is revolving around the sun, let’s assume for a moment that sun suddenly annihilates. How would the earth … Read moreThird approach to earth’s approximate one year precession cycle

Hindi poem titled “Hindustan meri jaan” (हिंदुस्तान मेरी जान)

It’s a poem about the eclecticism (co-existence of contradictions) in India. ह्रदय यहाँ सपाट हैं,  [People with big hearts] होंसले विराट हैं।  [Its a land of the audacious] प्रवेश द्वार सात हैं,  [7 ways to enter world -Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jain or atheist] निकास अस्सी घाट हैं।  [to die there are special Ganga ghats in Banaras] जल सूर्य–अर्पित है,  [here the sun is offered water] तिरंगिणी पे लाट है।  … Read moreHindi poem titled “Hindustan meri jaan” (हिंदुस्तान मेरी जान)

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