Books authored by Deepak Loomba individually & jointly with coauthors

  • Publication title: Awareness & Consciousness – The New Upanishad.
    Publication ISBN: 978-1692201227 ASIN: B07XQ3BMF1
    Publication date: Sep 10, 2019.
    Publisher: Amazon.
    Publication Description: Awareness and Consciousness – The new Upanishad is a philosophical deep-dive in understanding of consciousness. The Book presents the ‘ALCCO Approach’ of the author to distinguish between awareness & consciousness & presents an integrated view on evolution & manifestation of awareness & consciousness in a methodical & logical manner. ALCCO stands for Awareness, Life, Cumconsciousness and Consciousness of an observer.
    This, one of its own kind, very elaborate physico-logical and very methodical approach has startling congruencies with Advaitya, Panpsychism & few neurocognitive and quantum approaches all of which have been discussed at length. First of its kind view of the invisible Gulliver of consciousness is presented. A networked and associative holistic approach to the subject of consciousness, while concurrently ensuring that the minutiae is not left unaddressed. Understanding of awareness rendered by this Book is a breakthrough in the science of consciousness. This thought-provoking book provides a fresh understanding & approach to awareness and consciousness. Compelling read for everyone, who desire clarity on concepts of Life, Awareness & Consciousness.
  • Publication title: INDYCIA & The Global Monetary System.
    Publication ISBN: 979-8629245629 ASIN: B0863TKZMC
    Publication date: March 21, 2020. 
    Publisher: Amazon
    Publication description: INDYCIA & the global Monetary System is a short book on the background of how and why US Dollar attained a pole position in the global monetary system and why an unreformed monetary system is poised to devolve.The purpose of this book was to design for ourselves and share with inventors globally, the design characteristics of a new product that could bring about a positive change in the monetary system without causing any major upheavals.This book has been used as an instruction manual by the authors in order to develop a product intended to change how investments and currency exchanges happen globally. The design characteristics are shared herein to evoke interest amongst experts to adopt and/or improve the Indycia instrument in an open manner.This Book is dedicated to Kautilya (also called Chanakya), one of the earliest economists in recorded Indian history, who was born in 371 BC in Taxila (undivided India).
  • Publication title: LIVING (Vol 3) Influence and Power.
    Publication ISBN: 9798604179987 ASIN: B0846LVF75
    Publication date: January 25, 2020. 
    Publisher: Amazon
    Publication description: Living is a multi-volume work on enduring, but confounding human values. Influence is an outcome of interaction among people. Much has been written on this phenomena but I hope you find this book to be a new & unique approach to understanding influence as I have tried to systematically comprehend the concept. I assure you will come across a few novel discoveries and articulations for yourself in this book. Power is the other concept I have dealt with in this book. Power is a consequence of influence though with notable differences, which have been fathomed in the book ahead. The objective of this book in the Living Series is to dwell into common ethical dilemmas of our times. This short and to-the-point Book provides a thorough understanding on Influence and Power.
  • Publication title: LIVING (Vol 4) Concealment, Morality, Lies.
    Publication ISBN: 978-1659883022 ASIN: B083SGVP8G
    Publication date: January 13, 2020. 
    Publisher: Amazon
    Publication description: Living is a multi-volume work on enduring, but confounding human values. Concealment, Morality, Lies is the fourth volume in the Living series. Concealment, Morality, Lies are lucidly felt, yet systematically comprehended concepts in this book. The objective of this book in the Living Series is to dwell into one of the common ethical dilemmas of our times – concealment and then scrutinize its relationship to morality and lies. This short and to-the-point Book provides a thorough understanding in the ethics of concealment and its relationship to Morality & Lies.
  • Publication title: LIVING (Vol 1) Sacrifice, Truth, Positivity.
    Publication ISBN: 978-1692228316 ASIN: B07XQN5P4Q
    Publication date: Sep 10, 2019. 
    Publisher: Amazon
    Publication description: Sacrifice, Truth, Positivity is a description of the three concepts in context of modern day ethics. This Book is first in a series of Books on understanding enduring, but confounded human values.
    This short, to-the-point book provides an understanding of the three common semantic concepts of Sacrifice, Truth and Positivity, which are very often confused amongst people for lack of common understanding. The author has used revolutionary DNSEA methodology developed by him to comprehend these concepts in depth, briefly & crisply. Compelling read for everyone who desire clarity in these three fundamental concepts of Sacrifice, Truth & Positivity.
  • Publication title: Invention of Description
    Publication ISBN: 979-8636521334
    ASIN: B086Y6MNFP for paperback
    ASIN: B0871LSCZY for eBook
    Publication date: Jun 29, 2017  
    Publisher: Amazon
    Publication Description: A cutting-edge work in the area of quality and description. The short book of 34 pages, outlines an innovative methodology to create a generic description of any kind of goods, services or works.
  • Publication title: Преобразователи (Preobrazovateli) FOR READERS IN RUSSIA ISBN 978-5-4485-2542-1
    Publication on Amazon ASIN: B083XCSBWN
    Publication date: May 30, 2017  
    Publisher: Ridero, Russia
    Publication description: Первая книга написана гражданином Индии на русском языке о инновации.
  • Publication title: Transformers
    Publication ISBN: 978-1514861240 ASIN: B07Y6QZS42
    Publication date: Aug 16, 2015  
    Publisher: Amazon
    Publication Description: Comprehending and practicing contradictory strategies – Innovation with systems in India through establishment of India’s first compound semiconductor fab. ISBN 1514861240
  • Publication title: LIVING (Vol 2) Likeability.
    Publication date: Sep 10, 2019. 
    Publisher: Amazon
    Publication description: Living is a multi-volume work on enduring, but confounding human values. Likeability is second volume in the Living series. Likeability is the most appreciated, most lucidly felt, yet least osystematically comprehended concept. Most of the work in this area is currently happening in the domain of cognitive sciences. There is very less system driven approach and hence, while we are treading into the micro, we have still not understood the macro. It is as good as trying to understand quantum physics without having known classical Newtonian mechanics.
    This short, to-the-point Book provides a thorough understanding of Likeability and all its allied aspects enabling a better understanding of emotional connect which is to be expressed by the users of modern information technology products.
  • Publication title: Complexity – in Management Technology.
    Publication date: Sep 10, 2019. 
    Publisher: Amazon.
    Publication description: Complexity is one of the commonest but least understood concept, which we know exists for sure, but have failed till date to clearly define, establish or calculate. ‘Complexity – in Management Technology’ is cutting-edge description of Complexity as it exists in modern day automated enterprises. Implementation of assessment of Complexity in organizations of all hues – Social, Commercial, Non-Profit or Governmental is based on the premise that organizations implementing complexity assessment are digitized and automated.
    This short, to-the-point book provides a deep understanding of Complexity as experienced by individual employees and organizations such that it is made possible to rate users (people, corporates, non-profit organizations, departments etc.) in terms of the Complexity of work they execute. This enables organizations to establish ideal times required for various jobs.