Invented by Deepak Loomba, ‘dnsea’ is a revolutionary technology that takes rating technology to its next orbit. Star ratings have existed since 1926, when first exhibited to symbolize quality category by Michelin’s guidebook on restaurants in US. dnsea changes ratings for all times to come by being both objective and subjective rather than being subjective only.

So what does dnsea stand for?

So what is different about dnsea vis-a-vis 5-stars?

Rating is a measurement information procured from varied users or perceivers of objects and services. 5-stars deliver information merely of users’ emotional connect to the object or service being rated, while leaving important objective measures completely unattended.
‘dnsea’ is a deep rating technology that manifests itself in a simple commonsensical interface designed to make users think before rating and provide both objective and subjective information.