‘hvc’ stands for high velocity commerce.

The Concept of high velocity commerce has been developed by Deepak Loomba and envisages digitization followed by automation of processes in business and manufacturing with hybrid (a mix of heuristic and non-heuristic) decision-making, such that all decision making processes reverberate through the entire supply chain instantaneously. The Concept that started from factory-of-future, as conceptualized by General electric way back in 1990s, Industry 4.0 etc. has evolved through last few years of running and closely watching the conceptual challenges faced by industry currently towards its digitization and automation. hvc is being now realized through our first hvc Compliant product – Transformating.

Transformating achieves ‘hvc’ compliance status by (a) allowing for gradual replacement of human decision making in an agile ambience rather than attempting a waterfall mechanism (b) through use of AI and Block chain technologies both of which have made High Velocity Commerce possible.