Promoting Excellence in Material Science in India

Having worked to establish India’s first Gallium Nitride Compound Semiconductor Fab, Deepak Loomba is deeply involved in promoting excellence in Material Science in India.
Apart from furthering the existing business into newer device and material areas, proposals are welcomed for additional work that can be done to make India a force to reckon with in Material Sciences.

Grievance Expression and Legal process Automation

Higher human density in urban areas leads to societal changes. Higher density leads to higher grievances from each other, especially because busy urban lives promote isolation. These small but frequent resentments alter human psychology. This slow, but steady calcification of hurt leads to implosion or explosion. Former resulting into damage to oneself & one’s health, latter pushing people to cause harm to others.
Simultaneously, as in any democracy, judicial reforms in India are slow for reasons of consensus building. With more than 40 million cases pending in courts of law in India. It is pertinent to ensure that the judicial system is technology and enterprise supported to ensure that the pendency at least does not boil over.
C2SBook is an effort in this direction. We have not only digitized and automated the grievance redressal system, but we have automated the entire legal journey of a complaint from the moment it arises to the moment it is redressed at any of the levels of a legal funnel.

Rating Technology

Star Rating was introduced way back in 1926 by Michelin Restaurant Guide. It survived for ~100 years because there was very little that was done in the area of ratings.

Advent of online ratings and their social and especially economic impact has suddenly brought rating into limelight.

Deepak Loomba’s work in the area of description has been the foundation of the new Rating Technology that has been developed, which is an orbit-shifter in the area of ratings.

The new rating technology which has been titled DNSEA is completely different from completely subjective star rating and embodies both the objective and subjective aspects of rated object or service.

An open API is being created to let entrepreneurs, technopreneurs and innovators globally, use DNSEA Technology for bettering their rating mechanism.

Unique International digital identity

The project foresees creation of a unique digital ID of Object, Services, Events, Entities & Spots etc. such that the said ID also includes the important most specifications of the object or service in question.

The need for such unique identification arose from banal eCommerce requirements where similar pproducts along with specifications are entered into various portals multiply, leading to varied categorization of the same object on different portals, making it difficult for comparison.

Using DNSEA Technology, UIID ensures that every product or service has a unique ID, such that the said ID is unique globally. UIID is a separate service that eCommerce portals along with supplier selling their products on their platform can use to create a structured and universal ID of their product. Once created, one does not need to restate the product specifications time & again on various portals as the specification from UIID portal can be imported into any major eCommerce portal in three taps. We are also undertaking to execute the DNSEA classification work as an outsourcing venture.


A bold initiative in the area of healthcare, MyDocPal is an AI project that foresees creation of hybrid intelligence (heuristic and non-heuristic) to subsequently create an artificial intelligence based Medical Docbot.

In the first phase (nearing completion) we have created a platform that allow AICORPS EPL as well as other technopreneurs and medipreneurs to create their own services on our Platform titled ‘Transformating’.

In 2nd phase (currently operational) we are creating a unique clinical decision support system that uses both AI as well as non-heuristic tools to assist in diagnosis.

In 3rd phase we intend to create a a tool which will be equivalent to a specialist in the major medical fields.

High Velocity Commerce

A concept borne by Deepak Loomba, it conceptualizes automation of processes in business and manufacturing to the extent that business can operate completely on its own without any major decision making being done by the organizations.

This ensures that the economy can operate at zero slack. Thereby cardinally changing the nature of economy and society. Seems some far future. Beware, we are at closing to the cusp. At AICORPS EPL we are working in this field. To read more check the link below.


Indycia is co-promoted by Deepak Loomba along with Come Carpentier De Gourdan.

Indycia is a safe crypto-asset (not a crypto-currency) which works like a cryto-mutual fund based on Block chain technology with an aim to allow multicurrency swaps into US Dollars followed by investments in United States of America.