Below-mentioned are remarkable Books that I have read & am presenting a review on them.

A Unified Theory of Psychology

The Book is in Russian and is authored by Psychologist Dr. Gregg Henrique of James Madison University. The Book is very interesting as it intends to provide a new meta-framework for psychology. The author vividly brings out the predicaments psychology faced in west as psychology is an experiential subject/science instead of theoretical objectivized sciences that west has been used to in last 200 years. It is academically rich & thought provoking.

Чеширская Улыбка Кота Шрёдингера

The Book is in Russian and is authored by Dr. Tatiana Chernigovskaya, who in all likelihood is the most famous Russian language neuro-linguist in the world and occupies a status as legendary as that of other neurolinguists like Noam Chomsky and others. The flow of the work is excellent. One feels the experience of writing embedded in her.